Sunday, February 01, 2009


I don't want to make any big pronouncements about the demise of Cuisine Quotidienne, but suffice to say that winter is taking its usual toll on me.

I think I may be taking a month or two off from posting here. Winter is by far my busiest time workwise, and with no vacation in sight -- no, I don't get the upcoming two weeks of vacances scolaires -- I think I'll just be keeping my head above water until March or maybe even April.

Take care all, and I promise I'll be back.


Dedene said...

Betty, Give yourself a break. Cooking after the holidays isn't that much fun. Maybe by the vacances scolaires you'll be more inspired.

spacedlaw said...

I was expecting a pancake post.

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

I know the feeling, Betty.

My husband and I were just saying how hard this winter has been on us. And it is only half over here in Wisconsin.

Le laquet said...

I so know what you mean about February - bleugh!

Alain said...

How comforting Betty to read your lines about the winter effect on your blogging capacity.
I just feel the same way here in Chicago where one of the worst winters I have endured since my arrival from France in January 1970 has also diminished already limited blogging power.
In fact I just posted my first piece in THREE months (about French charcuterie in the U.S.) Winter has definitely a very negative impact on your brain cells and make you lethargic and unwilling to push yourself at your computer.
But when I see the view from your window at your workplace in Aveyron that you just posted, I think that if I was looking through a window somewhere in my dear native Cevennes, where I know, since I read the Midi Libre on line, that some moments of this winter were tough too, I would be much more inspired to write...about the beautiful winter comfort dishes that the locals prepare down there.
Take care

French Virtual Cafe

Sarah said...

I came across your blog today-look forward to your return!